Heat Proofing
Roof Heat Proofing is very necessary for every building so that people don’t have to face any trouble. To reduce this heat consumption, the design engineer is interested most. They use different chemicals and minerals to reduce heat intensity. For example thermal and isophane, with the help of these, heat can be reduced. There are three types of it, (ultraviolet UV), (IR) which reduces the maximum 50 percent of the heat and, (IAEA) which is used on the roof of a building by applying as a metal feel asphalt, aluminum, wood, and rubber. It can also, be used on an internal level of buildings or houses and it can stop 45% of roof heat proofing.

Wall insulation

Wall insulation acts as a blanket that prevents cooling from escaping and sun heat from outside through the walls of your home. It can also help to stop your home from getting too cold in winter. The type of wall insulation you’ll need depends on whether your home has a cavity or solid walls. Both types should be installed by a professional installer.