Bathroom Leakage

Bathroom Leakage

The reason for bathroom leakage is the defect in pipes and tap that causes abrupt pressure causes pipe clogging and leaks. Generally, if you live in a flat where the water flow is coming from an upward room then obviously the pipeline system is prone to get leaks, resulting in blockage in your taps. If you live in a bathroom ceiling leakage apartment, then why not call experts from Smart Chemicals to solve your seepage problems once and for all.

But you don’t have to worry about this, our plumber experts are 24/7 available at your service to perform and prevent pipeline bursts and breakage. By using the best standard chemicals and cement, we prevent the past, present, and impending leakages that could halt your daily lives. In other cases, after changing the bathroom floor, it is necessary to apply a proofing procedure once in a while. By hiring Smart Chemicals dot PK expertise, your house is leak-proof guaranteed for the next 5-10 years. A double coating procedure is applied that ensures your bathroom doesn’t face any seepage and leakage for the next ten years or so.

Our bathroom tile leakage solutions are one of the best available for Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, and other parts of Pakistan.

Toilet leakage

Smart Chemicals offer customers the best bathroom leakage solutions. A toilet usually leaks at the bottom. This is dirty water right from the bowl of the toilet. The water damages the flooring of the bathroom and reaches the ceiling if the bathroom is located upstairs. The damaged wax ring is the common reason for toilet leakage from the bottom. The bathroom leakage repair plumber will remove the toilet, extract the old wax ring and install the new one. This task takes some hours to complete. Toilet leakage may also occur due to rusted or loose tee bolts which are not being able to secure the toilet tightly to the floor. The tee bolts are connected to the toilet flange. They are either tightened or replaced.

Bathtub leakage

Bathtub leakage is usually caused by a leaking faucet or tub drain. The bathroom leakage repair plumber will either repair or replace the faucet in case of faucet leakage. Besides, the tub drain assembly could also be the problem that would require instant repairing. Our best bathroom leakage chemicals ensure a clean repair and renewal for your bathroom renovation.


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